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Cover of the book: 'Drawings that count'

Drawings that Count

Architectural Association Publications, 2013

Edited by Francesca Hughes with an interview with Mary Beard and essays by Noam Andrews, David Edgerton

No architectural category is more fickle or more artificial than 'context'. This collection of 60 large drawings produced over five years by AA Diploma 15 addresses the construction of context by architecture for its own very particular purposes. A self-declared 'render-free zone', the unit's interrogations of architecture's seminal sites (antiquity, technology, the future and its proxies) examine the role of figuration and the exclusion of indeterminacy in the always already mediated question of context. Through the quiet business of counting, these line drawings - against the double ascendancy of parametricisation and the glossy rendered perspective - question architecture's ambivalent relations to the artifice it installs between itself and the outside world.

Perspectival Forensic Study

Writing Architecture in the Gap between the Countable and the Calculated

Illustration for Jules Verne’s 1864 Journey to the Centre of the Earth

Get Lost: A Qanat Park for Palermo

Jules Verne’s Palaeontological Calculator

Panama Canal Futures Exchange:
Sculpting in Time

A Small Rock at the Top of the Hill = A Big Rock at the Bottom of the Hill

Mer de Glace, 1910

Cartography of RelativeIndeterminacy:
Hannibal’s Alpine Passage

The Sisyphean Engine of Reconstruction or the Perpetual Rebuilding of the Agrigento’s Ancient City

Lessons from Piranesi I

Studies in Inversion:
Inversion of a Generic Grid

The Construction of Neutrality

Union Stock Yards

A Spatio-Temporal Plan:
The Society of the Colosseum