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Architectures of Prediction
Francesca Hughes

ARQ ediciones, Santiago de Chile, 2019.ARQ ediciones, Santiago de Chile, 2019.

Architecture’s two oldest projects – the future and correction – converge in the business of prediction. Our newly augmented predictive technologies – the many loops of induction now on big data steroids – are powerfully focused on correcting the very next future. Indeed, so all-encompassing are their actions that we find the present moment strangely eclipsed, reduced as it is to the space in which past predictions are confirmed and future ones are made. Compiling three of Francesca Hughes’s most recent essays, in English and Spanish translation, this new publication in the ARQ DOCS series examines three predictive architectures central to architectural production: the algorithm, the measured survey and statistics. 

Thomas Le Myésier, Breviculum ex artibus Raimundi Lulli electrum, Miniatures

Frances Yates’ reconstruction of Giordano Bruno’s memory wheel from De Umbris Idearum

A depiction of the Weather Forecasting Factory, as imagined by Lee Fry Richardson

Robert Wadlow (1918-1940), the tallest man in history